Advocare Compensation Plan

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Breaking down the Advocare Compensation Plan

Advocare breaks down the compensation plan in five parts which are retail, wholesale commissions, overrides, leadership bonuses, and incentive pay period bonuses. Advocare has quite a complicated compensation plan because they want to compensate you for performance in as many ways as possible. I’m going to simplify these ways to make money in two categories.

1. Retail Sales AKA selling Advocare products yourself

You receive a 20% or 40% sales commission on Advocare products you sell. You get 20% by default and 40% once you become an advisor. We will get into how to become an advisor in another post, but all it takes is an upfront investment or hitting a sales quota consistently.

2. Recruiting distributors AKA finding a few good people to make retail sales and recruit

Wholesale commissions – This occurs when one of your distributors orders product at a percentage lower than your product percentage.
Overrides – This is a percentage of total sales of your distributors.
Leadership bonuses – Bonuses depending on your total sales volume of your distributors.
advocare compensation plan
Incentive pay period bonuses – Bonuses depending on your total sales volume of your distributors in a pay period.

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More Information

Advocare’s strategy was established on a stairway step design. This indicates that a leader stairway steps up a marketing chain by constructing wider and broader networks of distributors underneath them. They are paid on the job done in their down lines. When down line leaders get to a specific degree they take away from the group and offer their down line leadership and Advocare training that is independent of the original sponsor.

Various other advantages include unlimited specialist sign-ups on a leader’s top line and no limitation to the depth of each group. The downsides of the stair action design are that there is much less revenue upfront so a leader will certainly invest a significant amount of time developing a group before obtaining repayment on those down lines by damaging away from the leader.

Getting started with Advocare training for Sales

Advocare Training – As far as being fit and healthy is concerned, you obviously won’t need us to tell you the basics about just what it takes to get fitter and healthier. The first two Advocare Trainingthings you need to address are your diet, and your exercise levels. The healthier you eat and the more exercise you do, the fitter and healthier you will be as a result. But what else does it take? Sure being physically active and eating cleaner is a great start, but what else can you do to really maximize your potential and to achieve the best results possible? Well, for starters you could consider using health supplements. Health and sports supplements are worth billions upon billions, because they’ve been proven time and time again to be effective. In order to get the best results possible however, it’s advisable that you use products designed by a trusted and effective manufacturer, advocare for example. Advocare are one of the most popular supplement companies and they’re expanding their team every single day. If you’re fed up of working a dead end job and receiving no praise and very little financial rewards in return, why not consider signing up with advocare and getting involved in advocare sales training? Here’s a look at a few of the basics for getting started.


Advocare Sales Training with PALS

The most important thing to consider when getting started with advocare sales training is PALS. Pals Stands for:

P – Purpose. The purpose describes your reasoning for getting involved with the advocare team, and ensures that you have the right goals and interests in mind. Each advocare sales rep’s purpose is different to the last, but the important thing to remember is to ask yourself what is your purpose for getting involved in advocare in the first place? Are you there solely to make money? Do you want to help people reach their health and fitness goals? Is it a combination of the two, or is it something else? A career without purpose is like a ship lost on the ocean with no map.

A – Advisor. This refers to your ultimate goal of getting to Advisor status. This is where your real advocare journey begins. Reaching Advisor basically refers to your advocare journey officially beginning. The best way of making any real progress is going all out and jumping right into Advisor status. This will require a $2100 investment which is subject to tax and shipping regulations depending on where you live, but it’s worth every single cent. For this investment, you receive $3000 worth of advocare products, plus a $900 profit, depending on just how many people you can sign up and get on board and plus or minus how much of the advocare products you actually consume yourself. From here on out it’s all about making as much money as possible and creating as many sales and leads as possible. Remember this is not an expense, it’s an investment and as the old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money”.

L – List. This refers to you making a list of people that you know that you feel could greatly benefit from advocare products. Overweight people, people looking to lose weight, people looking to get fitter, people that drink and smoke heavily. Make a list of the people that you wish to approach in order to help advocare get them on the right path to great health and happiness.

S – Success school. Last on the list is Success school. Success school is considered the be all and end all, the big finale if you like. Advocare is dependent on success school and attending is simply a must if you wish to be successful in the business and if you wish to help others. The income generated by advocare is generated by individuals who repeatedly sign up to success school. The success school provides an environment in which seasoned professionals help new individuals emulate them and their successes in the business. It shows attendees just what it takes to make a success from advocare, and just how successful you can potentially be by following the tips and advice provided on the school course.

Advocare Business Opportunity Reviews

Advocare business opportunityLet’s face it, the world is generally becoming more and more unhealthier as people are growing fatter and fatter and are paying the price as a result. Worldwide obesity levels are out of control, and there are more people relying on medications to help combat the effects of being overweight than ever before. The good news is that people are finally waking up to the dangers associated with being overweight and making poor lifestyle and dietary choices, which is why the health supplement market is now one of the most lucrative and successful markets in the entire world. One company in particular that have been making waves and have been receiving a great deal of attention lately for all of the right reasons is Advocare. Advocare manufacture effective health supplements for affordable prices and are one of the largest growing companies in the business. For this reason more and more people are signing up and becoming part of the Advocare team, but just how effective is the Advocare business opportunity? Let’s take a more detailed look shall we?


Why are people signing up to become a part of the Advocare family?

There are a number of reasons why, but some of the most common reasons are to help people improve their health and to live healthier and happier lives, and another reason is for the money. We’re not going to BS anybody here, there are very few people that would join a brand that helps people simply out of the goodness of their hearts and nothing more. They still need to pay the bills just as you and I do, and that’s another reason why they go with Advocare. Business is booming and is ever expanding, and they’re helping people from all over the world become fitter, healthier, and happier. The company is the real deal as they’ve been around for over a decade now, and they continue to put out great products. As demand for these products is growing, Advocare have now started recruiting everyday people to help distribute their products, in return for substantial amounts of money of course.

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How to make money with Advocare

How to sell advocareTo earn good money with Advocare, you should essentially do just three things. You must agree to sponsor new distributors, you must actually have retail customers, and you must build a strong team of people with the same goals and targets as you. Find the customers to purchase the products from you, sponsor as many distributors as you can, and lastly you should recruit as many people to be on your team as possible. The more you recruit, the more you will make.


How to sell Advocare

In terms of actually selling Advocare products(Like the 24 day challenge), once you know how, things will quickly fall into place for you. Use social media to advertise for starters, as this offers you access to hundreds, if not thousands of people, and it provides free advertising. Try your hand at video marketing, forum marketing, blogging, and actually speak to people in person and ask them to ask others for you. Word of mouth can quickly spread, and you should be looking at each acquaintance of yours as a potential customer. It’s recommended that you start with friends and family members first of course. For help and advice, search the forums as there will be countless other Advocare distributors that would be more than happy to share their advice with you.

Is Advocare a scam?

With more and more people suffering from obesity and weight related health issues every single week, the need for health supplement companies has never been higher. People are finally waking up to the dangers associated with being overweight and eating unhealthy foods which is why more and more people are ditching the donuts and are instead replacing them for healthy foods combined with plenty of regular physical exercise. Sometimes however, healthy foods and regular exercise just isn’t enough, and that is where the health supplement companies we briefly mentioned earlier come into the picture. The problem then is being able to tell who is genuine and who is simply in the business for the money. Take Advocare for instance. This company has years upon years of experience under its belt, has helped people from all across the globe to reach their goals, and they continue to do so to this very day, by creating a variety of healthy and highly effective supplements designed to help people lose weight and to become fitter, healthier, and happier as a result. Despite the fact that they’re one of the most popular and largest growing health supplement companies in the entire world, people still often ask is Advocare a scam?, and of course, the answer is no. Here’s a look at just a few of the main reasons why Advocare is legitimate and so beneficial for people struggling with health and weight related issues.

Advocare actually cares about their customers

As the health supplement industry is worth billions upon billions and is potentially one of the most lucrative industries out there, it’s safe to say that competition is fierce. For this reason there are more and more supplement companies popping up every day, with most of them in it for the money and nothing more. Advocare are different however. They’ve been around for a long time and they actually care about their customers and don’t just see them as a way of making money. They genuinely care about the health of their customers which is why they develop healthy and effective products to help them reach their goals. They also run motivational contests and challenges as a way of helping people meet their goals and targets by adding a fun and competitive element to things.

Their products are safe and natural

Some companies create products with bright labels and packaging whilst bulking the products out with sugar, sweetener, and other artificial ingredients in an attempt to help enhance the taste. Many of these additives are actually very unhealthy and actually do far more harm than good. Advocare however, use only safe, healthy, effective, and natural ingredients when creating their products, and the results speak for themselves.
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Their herbal cleanse has received fantastic reviews

One of Advocare’s most effective and popular products is one designed to offer a herbal cleanse to customers. The cleanse is designed to purge your body of toxins and contaminants, helping to promote feelings of happiness and well-being whilst helping to reduce weight at the same time. The cleanse itself has received very positive results and reviews and is still hugely popular to this day.

is advocare a scam

People actually make money with Advocare

Finally, if people decide to sign up to become an Advocare salesperson they will almost certainly make a very substantial amount of money by selling Advocare products and helping people to improve their health and their lives in general in the process.

As with everything in life, there will always be negativity and naysayers who will tell you that Advocare is a scam without knowing the first thing about the company and their products at all. If they took the time to do their research and actually ask the people who matter most, the customers, they would see that Advocare is a legitimate and very effective and popular health Supplement Company that is taking the health and fitness world by storm.

Advocare Distributors

Find an Advocare Distributor

become an advocare distributorWhen you want to become a distributor you, understandably, want to find the best advisor and team you possibly can. You want the team to be on the same page as you and want an honest team. You need a great foundation. Its hard to make any kind of claims to be the best when it comes to Advocare teams, because there are so many fantastic teams out there. What I can say is we are laser focused and have a plethora of skills and expertise to help you along.

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Become an Distributor

What you most likely need is someone to accentuate your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses. You need an Advocare representative which helps you position yourself before these prospective customers and offers them the info they are looking for. Along with show you how you can get in front of buyers and become the leader who will build a massive organization very fast. The extremely low $79 kit comes with everything you need and will also introduce you to a couple of the greatest products Advocare creates Spark and Slam. Here is the Advocare compensation Plan if you are interested.

New Distributor Kit

advocare distributor
The kit comes with the following:
A box of Advocare Spark(energy drink)
A box of Advocare Slam(energy slammer – like 5 hour energy)
Presentation guide
Impact Magazine
Opportunity brochure
Solutions for your Success DVD
Advocare Product Catalog
Along with the $50 in complimentary spark and becoming a Advocare Independent Distributor you will also obtain in your Advocare sign in. A twenty percent Discount on all future orders of Advocare or twenty percent commission on all sales of Advocare items up until you reach the next rebate degree.
Your own Advocare Sales Web site where you could send out every one of your clients to make their investments. One of the things I recommend is purchasing a 24 day challenge and reading our post on the 24 day challenge right away.
Automatic eligibility to join the DebtBuster program, an award winning system that educates you exactly how you can use Advocare to get financial freedom.