Advocare Spark Energy Drink Reviews

Advocare Spark Energy Drink Reviews








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            • - mental energy and focus
            • - long-lasting energy
            • - fight occasional drowsiness
            • - 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients
            • - Sugar-free


              Spark Reviews

              Advocare Spark: An in-depth review

              Advocare Spark EnergyHave you ever found yourself waking up in a morning and still feeling absolutely exhausted and drained, both physically and mentally, feeling as if you basically don’t have the energy to do anything? If so then rest assured that you’re most certainly not alone as this happens to a great deal of people. How do you cope with tiredness and a lack of energy? Well, most people find themselves pouring extra strong coffee down their throats in a morning because of the natural caffeine they contain. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps us to feel more awake, alert and energised, but the problem is that these effects are only temporary. People also find themselves purchasing so-called “energy” drinks that are extremely unhealthy and are basically nothing more than sugar and caffeine. Advocare however, have gone back to the drawing board and have come up with an energy drink that is delicious, nutritious, healthy, and actually provides you with sustained increases in both mental and physical energy. How? By creating Advocare spark, which we’ll be reviewing now.

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              What is Advocare spark?

              Advocare spark is a new powdered energy drink blend product from Advocare, one of the world’s leading health supplement companies. It is currently described amongst many as being the most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market. It is a unique mixture of natural stimulants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other natural goodness that the body absolutely thrives upon. It is designed to supply long-lasting energy and increased mental focus, without any sudden “crashes” and other unpleasant side effects as experienced with most other energy boosting products. The product contains 21 different vitamins and minerals, all of which work synergistically together with one another to provide the body with sustained natural feeling energy without any jittery feelings and increases in heart rate as experienced with other caffeinated beverages. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also completely sugar-free, unlike many other similar products. There are five delicious flavours to choose from, including fruit punch, and at only 45 calories per serving, it’s no wonder so many people are raving about this product. Spark works great while completing the 24 day Advocare challenge.

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              So, does it actually work?

              spark on the goIn a word, yes. The product is obviously stimulant based, with caffeine and taurine being two of the most prominent ingredients, but what makes it stand out from the competition is the fact that it contains no sugar and that the energy is so sustainable and long-lasting. As mentioned previously, other similar products tend to make you feel jumpy and jittery, before you then experience a “crash” in energy levels as the stimulants leave your system. Advocare spark however, doesn’t. You consume the beverage of your choice, mixing it with water, and you will soon feel energised and reinvigorated, both physically and mentally, providing you with more energy and helping you to concentrate and focus mentally at any tasks at hand.


              Advocare Spark Side Effects?

              The only real potential side effect that users could experience could be insomnia and trouble sleeping, if they were to consume the product too late in the evening. For that reason, it’s advisable that users don’t consume Advocare spark up to five hours before going to sleep as is the case with pretty much all other caffeinated based products.


              Overall Spark Energy drink

              Advocare IngredientsOverall Advocare spark is most certainly one of the better energy drinks on the market because it’s actually healthy and beneficial. Most other similar products are loaded full of sugar and stimulants which can both be unhealthy when consumed in large doses. Advocare Spark Ingredients: spark is actually packed full of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients that actually benefit the body. The end result is a delicious tasting product that does exactly what it says on the label and for that reason it comes very highly recommended.

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              1. Well it doesn’t have “sugar” but it does have Sucralose- which is Splenda. Only thing I hate about it! Artificial sugar is worse for you than the real deal. I love spark though. Just which it didn’t have Sucralose.

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