Advocare Coreplex Reviews

Advocare Coreplex Reviews


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            • - synergistic blend of vitamins
            • - strong nutritional foundation
            • - B vitamins
            • - Contains antioxidants


              Advocare Coreplex BannerAdvocare Coreplex ReviewsWe’re living in an age where seemingly everything is catered for the lazy, or at least is designed in such a way as to make us just that little bit lazier and as a result, just that little bit unhealthier. We can now order items from our beds whilst using our phones, we can order food without having to even stand up, and we can cook entire meals in microwaves from frozen within a matter of minutes. Put all of that together and you have a pretty big problem. A lack of exercise and an abundance of frozen, processed, unhealthy, fatty junk food and ready meals packed full of artificial ingredients means that we’re now unhealthier than ever and as a result we’re living far shorter than we should have been expected to have living. To help turn things around and to improve our health and well-being, a healthy lifestyle should instead be lived, complete with plenty of exercise and nutrient rich foods. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are especially important and beneficial which is why Advocare developed their coreplex supplement. Here we’ll be looking at what coreplex is, what it does, and more on top of that.

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              What is coreplex?

              Coreplex is a health supplement developed by Advocare, one of the world’s leading health supplement manufacturers, that is designed to improve our health and well-being in a number of different ways. Coreplex is a multivitamin supplement which contains 36 separate minerals, vitamins, and various other nutrients, all of which the body absolutely thrives upon. The supplement has been created to allow us to easily meet our recommended daily intake of each specific nutrient in an easy to swallow pill form.

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              How does it work?

              As coreplex is jam-packed full of beneficial ingredients and nutrients, listing them all would keep us here all day, so instead, here is a slightly more brief overview. Providing a synergistic mixture of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and botanic extracts, coreplex benefits the body in a whole variety of ways. The vitamins work in conjunction with one another to strengthen and boost the immune system and the body’s natural defences against illness and disease. The minerals such as Calcium and Zinc work together to help improve bone density and health, joint health, healthy circulation, healthy blood volume, and more. For increased absorption, the minerals are chelated, and for increased energy levels, the B vitamins get to work on converting macronutrients into energy which also aids in weight loss as this process naturally boosts the metabolism.

              Coreplex Nutritional information

              Are there any side effects to be wary of?

              Nursing and pregnant women should seek medical advice before using this product, and it is also unsuitable for people under 12 years of age. Advocare also advises users not to use this supplement in conjunction with other Advocare coreplex supplements. Some users have reported slight laxative like effects at first, which could be down to the vitamin C contained within the supplement, and others have reported a slightly metallic taste in their mouths, which is down to the mineral content. Other than that, no side effects have been reported whatsoever.

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